Future Mole Valley Draft Local Plan: BRA Response Submitted

We have finished our response to the Draft Local Mole Valley Local Plan and delivered it to the Council on Monday, 23rd March. I need to thank many people who spent far too many hours of their personal time responding to this weighty document. Also thanks to Richard Davey and Dan Coffin of IliveinBookham Facebook […]

479 Bus Timetable – COVID19 update

A new temporary 479 timetable has been issued by Arriva to cover the COVID19 emergency effective for journeys from 23rd March. This covers the route between Guildford, Bookham, Leatherhead and Epsom. 479 Guildford to Epsom Monday to Friday 2020-3-23 479 Epsom to Guildford Monday to Friday 2020-3-23 479 Guildford to Epsom Saturday 2020-3-28 479 Epsom […]