Bookham Councillors

All Bookham Councillors are invited to attend BRA Committee Meetings and actively participate in discussion and requests for engagement with Council departments but are not allowed to participate in any BRA Committee voting.

Councillor Party and Ward Profile
Cllr Roger Adams Liberal Democrat - Bookham North Roger Adams's profile
Cllr Clare Curran Conservative - Bookham and Fetcham West Clare Curran's profile
Cllr James Chambers Conservative - Bookham South James Chamber's profile
Cllr Elizabeth Daly Liberal Democrat - Bookham South Elizabeth Daly's profile
Cllr Nancy Goodacre Liberal Democrat - Bookham South Nancy Goodacre's profile
Cllr Sarah Chambers Conservative - Bookham North Sarah Chamber's profile
Cllr Richard Moyse Conservative - Bookham North Richard Moyse's profile
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