Oak Processionary Moth – Update #4 – August 2020

We have received Update #4 from the Forestry Commission on the Oak Processionary Moth. The moths are active on Bookham Common. Take care when walking with your family and pets.  It’s a good time to spot moths and nests now, and report them to the Forestry Commission. You can do so via their TreeAlert website. […]

Blue Hearts and Wild Flowers

Restoring native wild flowers and encouraging biodiversity along some grass verges in Surrey is planned as part of Surrey County Council’s climate change initiatives. The Bookhams Residents’ Association is working with SCC to make this happen sympathetically in our area. Whilst most of our residential verges will still be mowed, the aim is to allow […]

The Planter Planted!

Update – 24th January 2020 A big thanks to The Vineries for planting up the new planter in Church Road. It’s been a long haul getting it in place. After receiving the money from Mole Valley Council and permission from Surrey County Council, I ordered a black planter to match the black and gold litter […]

Bookham Trees

There are now over 130 trees planted by BRA Tree Wardens. Details of the location and variety are listed below.

Ash Dieback Coming to a Tree Near You; Oak Processionary Moth – What Is It?

Bookham Tree Wardens The has been much discussion on different forums on Ash Dieback and Oak Processionary Moth outbreaks in Bookham. The Bookham Tree Wardens have prepared a comprehensive presentation on these subjects and what residents need to be aware of. Click on the image below for more information Click on the image below for […]

Looking After Bookham’s Green Spaces

Later this year the Bookham Youth Centre will be closing but fortunately the BRA Tree Warden team have been able to rescue some of the shrubs and plants and relocated them to the area outside of the library which had become almost devoid of plants as people walked through. Here’s  “before” and “after” photos of […]