Howard of Effingham – Admissions Criteria 2021 Consultation

A consultation on the  admissions criteria to the Howard of Effingham from 2021 has been published by the School. David Cox has made a submission on behalf of the BRA. Parents have also been invited to make a submission to the Howard of Effingham School.


David Cox is responsible for the BRA’s Education and Young People portfolio. David was one of the main team members of the “Don’t Drive Our Children Away” campaign group which was established in 2008 when the admissions criteria was changed by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator following a case put forward by parents in the Horsleys claiming that there was no other secondary school  that their children could attend whilst those in the east of the catchment did. At the time this would have stopped a number of children in the Bookhams from going to the school and even more in the future as sibling priorities were established.


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