Oak Processionary Moth 2022 Spray Programme

Oak Processionary Moth

Do not touch or approach OPM nests or caterpillars

Oak Processionary Moth  - Do not touch or approach OPM nests or caterpillars

Frances Fancourt
BRA Tree Warden

Oak Processionary Moth is a species of moth with caterpillars which nest on oak trees. The caterpillars damage the leaves and are covered with small hairs which can cause health risks to people and animals. OPM has been present in the south of England since 2005 and is now established in the north Bookham area. The government OPM Control Programme is aimed at preventing OPM from spreading. The most effective method is to spray affected trees with an approved insecticide or bio-pesticide in the spring.

if you received a Statutory Plant Health Notice last year requiring action, in 2022 the OPM Control Programme management approach has changed. Some private residents who have four or fewer oak trees at least 2m tall, may apply to have their trees sprayed in spring 2022. There is a limited budget available, and it is likely that not all applications will be approved.

To be considered for the programme you need to submit an application by 09.00am on 21 February 2022. You can do this online (button below) or call them on 0300 067 4442 between 09.00 and 13.00, Monday to Friday. They will inform you of the result of your application by mid-March 2022. Treatment for OPM has to be carefully timed to coincide with the OPM lifecycle so applications must be made before 21st February. 

If you find OPM at any point later in the year, please report it to the OPM Control Programme on TreeAlert or by phone or email. Their address is: OPM Control Programme, Plant Health Forestry Team, Bucks Horn Oak, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4LS. Phone: 0300 067 4442, on report on via the button below or email: opm@forestrycommission.gov.uk


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