Bookham Community Governance Review (Parish Council)

Extract from MVDC web site: A petition was submitted to Mole Valley District Council in August 2016 asking the Council to undertake a Community Governance Review to establish whether or not a Parish Council should be set up for Bookham. The Terms of Reference of the Review were agreed by the Council on 11 th October 2016. Although the final decision on whether to proceed with setting up a Parish Council will be decided at a meeting of Mole Valley District Council, this decision will be based upon the views of the local community. In order to gather the views of local residents and other interested groups a period of consultation period ran from 1 December 2016 to 14 March 2017.

In January 2017 the Bookhams Residents’ Association requested from MVDC that a petition to be run to oppose the creation of a Parish Council and for this Petition to be considered as part of the Community Governance Review. This request was accepted by the Council and at the close of the petition on 13th March the results were: E-petition: 1028; Paper petition: 664. Total: 1692 Click here to see the full petition. The next stage in the consultation process was a Local Advisory Poll which was held on 5th May 2017 which asked whether a Parish Council should be established for Bookham. The result for this Poll was as follows: Question: Should a Parish Council be established for Bookham? Votes Recorded: Yes    815 No    4114 These figures, together with any other consultation responses received as part of the Community Governance Review, will be reported to a meeting of Mole Valley District Council for its consideration in deciding whether or not to approve the establishment of a Parish Council for Bookham. This will be held in July (date TBC).

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