BRA's 90th Anniversary Year: 2016

It is quite likely that the Bookhams Residents’ Association (BRA) goes back even further than 90 years, as the War Memorial at St.Nicolas Church was erected by the Bookham Ratepayers’ Association around 1919. This must have been a forerunner to the BRA and reading through some of the older newsletters, it is interesting to see how many familiar issues reoccur as well as new challenges. It says a lot for the village that as an organisation, the BRA has stood this test of time well and membership now extends to over 3,000 households. Finding room in this short space to list all the achievements during the last 90 years is impossible, but there have been some very significant and vitally important contributions to village life in both Great and Little Bookham, as well as some notable UK events in the corresponding years.

1926The BRA is founded.
The future Queen Elizabeth II is born.

1936 – The BRA were involved in the proposal to install street lighting; estimated cost per annum – £485 for gas, £800 for electricity.
King George V died; Edward VIII abdicates.

1946 – The BRA officially adopts its new name, having been known previously as the Bookham Ratepayers’ Association.
First commercial flight from Heath Row (as it was originally known)

1956 – The BRA plays its part in retaining the Gilmais Swimming Pool.
Chris Brasher won gold at the Melbourne Olympics.

1966 – The BRA and Bookham Community Association form closer links.
England won the World Cup at Wembley Stadium.

1976 – The BRA membership subscription set at £1 per household.
The UK enjoys the hottest summer on record.

1986 – The BRA organise a major ‘litter pick’ scheme.
Plans for the Channel Tunnel agreed.

1996 – The BRA assists the Scouts in establishing a Scouting Centre.
The Prince and Princess of Wales complete their divorce after 15 years of marriage.

2006 – The BRA membership subscription increased to £2 per household – the first increase for 30 years! The BRA actively promote ‘Bookham 2010’, a wide ranging project seeking the views of the community regarding Bookham’s future.
Paul McCartney turns 64 after writing ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ at aged 16.

2016 – BRA members vote for the Association to become a Company Limited by Guarantee.
UK referendum on whether to leave or stay within the EU. Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday.

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