Christmas Charity Post 2019 Report.

 Michael Agius – CCP Chairman.

The Christmas Charity Post (CCP) Committee decided once again to maintain the price of stamps at 30p, about 50 % of the Royal Mail’s 2nd class price of 61p. Whilst the income decreased from £3,391 in 2018 to £3,039, a decrease of about 10%, this is still a fantastic result and will enable us to send £3,000 to charity, while retaining a small float for any costs incurred before next Christmas. For the first time, the number of cards delivered reduced to just under 10,000.

The detailed 2019 results are given in full in the table below. 





Stamp sales




Number of stamps sold




Cards delivered




Donation to charities




 Thanks to all concerned

As always my thanks goes to all concerned with the CCP, from the Committee, to the stamp sellers, both door to door and from shops, the leafleters, sorters and deliverers who turn out in all weathers. Once again we have maintained the policy since our start in 1984, of providing three deliveries during December.  Our deliverers often have to contend with poor addressing of the cards but luckily they have an intimate knowledge of their areas and the people who live there and can get 99.9% of the cards delivered without problem.

What will the funds raised this year be used for?

The Committee have agreed that this year £3000 will be distributed to three charities for their work in ongoing projects:

  • £1,000 to Practical Action for their ‘Turn the Tables’ project to provide pragmatic solutions to climate change in Sudan. Practical Action plans to work with farmers to rebuild dams, capture the rainfall and irrigate the soil. They will help villagers plant trees and grow community forests, see

This project is being matched by the UK Government, thus £1000 becomes £2000.

  • £1000 to Rotary for their worldwide campaign to end polio, see   Money donated will be tripled by the Gates Foundation, thus £1000 becomes £3000.
  • £1000 to the YMCA in Jordan for their work with Syrian refugees in Jordan. Dental care is restricted for the refugee families from Syria and Iraq and a portable dental unit, which does not need electricity, has been purchased. This is aimed at treatment for children in an area where there are many refugee families.

Thus the £3000 being distributed will actually have a final value, with matching, of £6000, a truly wonderful amount.

Keep up the good work!

The CCP Team are a very dedicated group who keep raising significant funds for people living in developing countries who are unable to work their way out of poverty without being given a helping hand.  Their continued efforts help them to do just that. However, without the residents of Bookham, Fetcham and Effingham buying stamps, we would achieve nothing. So please go on buying stamps next year.

One last thought. The Committee and their helpers are all getting older and could do with some young blood. If you know of any of your younger neighbours who might be able to help, please try and enlist their help for next year.

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