Litter Pick Cancelled Until Further Notice; but you can “Womble”!

We have decided that under the current circumstances we will cancel the monthly group litter pick. Although we meet outside inevitably we do get close to each other and many volunteers are in that at-risk category.

We  realise that your lives will not be the same without picking up litter, but you still can if you want to! 

If residents want to be a “Womble” or “Womblette” and look after a certain road or area then please let us know.

We now have volunteers picking up litter from some or all of the following places:

Water Lane, Lower Road, Howard Road, Church Road, Barn Meadow Lane, Little Bookham Street, The Garstons, Downs View Road,  Halepit Road, Downs Way, Hilltop Rise, Allen Road, Crabtree Lane and Norbury Park.

However more volunteers are needed. Could you spare a few minutes, particularly after the bin men have been, to keep an area near you litter free? If so, and you would like to get involved and adopt a road, or part of a road, please get in touch with Margaret our Litter Pick Co-ordinator either via our message line 0300 030 9890 or via our Contact page.

Equipment can be provided if needed such as Hi-Viz gilets, grabs and rubbish bag hoops.

If we know where “wombling” is taking place the litter pickers can concentrate their efforts in other parts of the village.

(For those unfamiliar with Wombles they are fictional pointy-nosed, furry creatures created by Elisabeth Beresford and originally appeared in a series of children’s novels from 1968. They live in burrows where they aim to help the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish in fun and exciting ways. They had their own BBC TV show and Top Twenty novelty hits)

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