Bookham Trees

There are now over 130 trees planted by BRA Tree Wardens. Details of the location and variety are listed below.

Tree Number:Location:Tree type:Comments
1The Dawnay SchoolPin Oak
2Polesden Lacey SchoolPin OakDied and replaced*
3Eastwick Junior SchoolPin OakDied
4Barn Hall FieldSweet ChestnutDied and replaced*
5Kennel Lane, FetchamMaple
6Kennel Lane, FetchamMaple
7Kennel Lane, FetchamMaple
8Lower Road, 248Red MapleVandalised, replaced*
9Lower Road, corner The GarstonsMaple
10Chrystie Recreation GroundScots PineVandalised but living
11Chrystie Recreation GroundScots PineVandalised, died
12Chrystie Recreation GroundScots PineVandalised, died, replaced by MVDC
13A246 near Fairfield CloseMaple
14A246 Allen Road sectionOakDied, replaced*
15A246 Allen Road sectionCopper beechVandalised, replaced*
16Crabtree LaneFlowering Japanese crab appleDied, replaced
17Crabtree LaneFlowering Japanese crab apple
18Crabtree LaneFlowering Japanese crab apple
19Crabtree LaneFlowering Japanese crab apple
20Polesden Lacey School replacement treeOakReplaced (*See 2),damaged
21DownswayRed Maple
23Blackthorne RoadScarlet Hawthorn
24Blackthorne RoadRed leaf prunus
25Halepit RoadSilver birch
26Halepit RoadWhitebeam
27Howard RoadRed hawthornStrimmed, dying?
28Howard RoadWhitebeam
29Hilltop RiseAmelanchier
30Hilltop RiseScarlet Hawthorn
31Hilltop RiseSorbus
32Dawnay RoadPrunus padus waterii
33Dawnay RoadPrunus padus waterii
34Dawnay RoadPink hawthorn
35Barn Hall field replacement treeOak(*See 4)
36A246 Allen Road section replacementOak(*See 14)
37A246 Allen Road section replacementCopper beechKilled by Gas Board, shortly to be replaced (*See 15)
38Kennel Lane, FetchamMaple
39Lower Road near Eastwick Park AveMaple
40The GarstonsWinter flowering cherry
41The GarstonsWinter flowering cherry
42The GarstonsWinter flowering cherry
43The GarstonsWinter flowering cherry
44The GarstonsWinter flowering cherryDied, replaced*
45The GarstonsWinter flowering cherry
46The Garstons replacement treeWinter flowering cherry(*See 44)
47Crabtree Lane replacement treeFlowering crab apple(*See 16)
48Mead CrescentAmelanchier
49SCC field off Barn Hall field/Mead Cres.Amelanchier
50Mead CrescentFlowering crab apple
51248 Lower Road replacement treeRed maple(*See 8)
524 Barn Meadow LanePink flowering cherry
536 Barn Meadow LanePink flowering cherry
548 Barn Meadow LanePink flowering cherry
5562a Barn Meadow LanePurple leaf prunus
56Tudor CloseWhite bark birch
57Sheridans RoadWhite flowering cherry
58Sheridans RoadWhite flowering cherry
5924 Durleston Park AvenueSorbus
6029 Durleston Park AvenueSorbus
61Durleston Park AvenueSorbus
62Eastwick Drive near MeadowsideWhite Hawthorn
63Hawkwood RiseWeeping copper beech
64Hilltop RisePurple leaf plum
6525 Eastwick Park AvenueWinter flowering cherry
6626 Eastwick Park AvenueWinter flowering cherry
67Eastwick Park AvenueMongolian lime
68Richmond WayWhite bark birch
69Richmond WayWhite bark birch
70Richmond WayMaple variety
71Richmond WayMaple variety
72Richmond WayMaple variety
73Richmond WayMaple variety
74Richmond WayMaple variety
75Richmond WayMaple variety
76Richmond WayMaple variety
77Richmond WayMaple variety
78Richmond WayMaple variety
79HarecroftMaple variety
80HarecroftMaple variety
82Allen RoadFlowering cherry
83Allen RoadFlowering cherry
84Allen RoadFlowering cherry
85Allen RoadFlowering cherry
86Vicarage CloseSorbus
87Lower RoadOriental hawthorn
88Lower RoadOriental hawthorn
89Lower RoadOriental hawthorn
90Lower RoadOriental hawthorn
91Lower RoadOriental hawthorn
92Lower ShottWinter flowering cherry
93Beales RoadWinter flowering cherry
94Beales RoadPrunus
95Beales RoadHawthorn
96Eastwick Park Avenue fieldSilver birch
97A246 Allen Road sectionSweet chestnut
98Barn Meadow Lane greenSorbus
99Barn Meadow Lane greenStrawberry Tree
100Barn Meadow Lane greenPrunus
101SCC field off The GarstonsOak (quercus robur)
102SCC field off The GarstonsWeeping pear (Pyrus pendula)
103SCC field off The GarstonsLilquidamber syraciflua
104The GarstonsPrunus horinjii
105The GarstonsPrunus Pink Parasol
106The GarstonsPrunus horinjii
107The GarstonsPrunus Pink Parasol
108The GarstonsSilver birch (Betula alba pendula)
109The GarstonsOriental hawthorn (craetagus orientalis)
110The GarstonsPrunus Royal Burgundy
111The GarstonsWhite birch (Betula Jacquemontii)
112Vicarage CloseOriental hawthorn (craetagus orientalis)
113Vicarage CloseOriental hawthorn (craetagus orientalis)
114GilmaisSilver Birch (Betula alb. Red Panda)
116Hilltop RisePrunus Royal Burgundy
117A246 Allan Road sectionCopper Beech (Fagus sylvatica)Died (works) - replaced
118The GarstonsPrunus Kursar
119The GarstonsPrunus Okame
120The GarstonsPrunus Spire
121Mead CrescentPrunus Subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea
122Crabtree LaneMalus Red Sentinel
123Crabtree LaneMalus Red Sentinel
124Howard RoadRed Hawthorn (Craetagus Paul's Scarlet)Died - replaced
125Tudor Close/Sole Farm AvenueBeech (Fagus sylvatica)
126Pine DeanSorbus aucuparia
127Pine DeanSorbus Chinese Lace
128Pine DeanSorbus Cashmiriana
129Pine DeanPrunus subhirtella Fukubana
130Eastwick Park AvenueSnakebark maple (Acer Hersii)Died - replaced

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