Enjoying the High Street & Church Road Christmas Lights?

Thanks again to Christian Dowse and his team at DCI on Bookham Industrial Estate for his quick work in getting all of the Christmas lights up again especially in this difficult year. Our High Street, Lower Shott and Church Road retailers have added their own displays and it has been good to see so many appreciative comments on the lights on local social media. 

Unfortunately we still have not managed to get the lights working at St Nicolas but at last we have a detailed plan and if the funding is agreed this will be in place for next year.

The Christmas lighting is costly project which is funded by the BRA from subscriptions with help from MVDC so if you have not yet had a chance to pay your BRA subscription please do so now  in order that we can keep doing this and other projects to help everyone in both Great and Little Bookham.

Photos by Les Huett

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