Criteria for Posters on BRA Noticeboards

Nick Forrer: Notice Board Administrator

There is no charge, but there are a set of criteria which the Association use, in priority order, to determine what we put up.
 - Events that the BRA organise.
 - Information provided by the Council (Surrey or Mole Valley) or the Police. E.g. elections, libraries, public meetings etc.
 - Local events in Bookham, or nearby, organised by local charities.
 - Any other local events.
All posters should be: –
 - A4 or smaller
 - Be of interest to Bookham Residents.
 - Be respectful to others.
 - Be non-political.
For any event, I will not leave the poster up for longer than say two months or until the event date has passed. Obviously if I am short of space on a particular board then I will remove posters in reverse priority order. I have three main boards:
 - At the southern end of the High Street next to the Co-op.
 - Next to the car park entrance in Lower Road.
 - In the Lower Shott car park next to the ticket machine.
Plus, two others, one at SPACE and the other at the Youth Centre (now closed) , both on which I am allowed to use a third to half the board, hence on these boards I am limited on space for posters.

Because of this A5 posters would be best for these two boards. For our main boards A4 is okay, or smaller if you want. If the poster is going to on the noticeboard for longer than two months you might want to laminate it. This is to protect any colour, particularly over the winter months, as the boards do get damp overnight. I am the initial arbiter of what to put up, with an appeal process to the BRA Committee. If you complete the form below then I can arrange with you to deliver the posters to me.     


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