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Committee Members Communication Request

If you have a communication or post you would like to publish to BRA Members and the community, please enter the Committee Member PIN.

If you do not know the PIN, please email:

Committee Members Web Mail Service

Request for BRA Email Address

There are two options available for Committee members who require an email address as part of their role.

Option One: Forwarding a BRA email address to a personal email address.
With this option you can publish your BRA email address and emails will be forwarded to your personal email address. This effectively hides your personal email address from the public domain. If you resign from the BRA Committee the forwarding will be removed so you will not receive any more messages.

Option Two: Webmail account
A webmail account is a stand alone email account that you can receive and send email on behalf of the BRA from a BRA email address.

You can access your account via the BRA website or alternatively you can add the account to an existing email application such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Mail, Thunderbird or Apple Mail. Full instructions will be given if you wish to add your BRA email account to your mail application.

Please complete the form below with your requirements.


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