Bookham Station Platform One Accessibility

Tunnel Car Park to Platform One Footpath Accessibility: BRA Member Andrew Matthews reports on the options. 

Bookham Station is Grade II listed, and lies at the North of the Bookham villages. It has long been an issue that the London bound Platform One cannot be accessed by people using wheelchairs or mobility scooters, due to the lack of facilities at the station.

The ideal solution is to provide a new footbridge with lifts, designed to be sympathetic to the station architecture, and carefully located so as not to impose on the listed structures.

However, this is a long term project and may take some years to provide. A more immediate solution is to utilise a path across Bookham Common, which could facilitate wheelchair access to the kissing gate entrance at Platform One. The current condition of the paths are poor, and will need improving for wheelchair access.

One of the funding options being explored is “Your Fund Surrey” which is an initiative by Surrey County Council giving local communities up to £100m over the next five years to spend on projects that improve their local area.

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