Shopping areas get a green uplift!

Frances Fancourt

On 11th October a number of new plants arrived in our central shopping areas. These include a planter each at Lower Shott and Church Road, four planters in the High Street, plus renovated beds along the A246 and in the High Street.

It is many years since the beds beside the benches in the High Street were planted up. Organized by the Bookham Residents’ Association and in a new collaboration with the Bookham Butterflies WI, these beds have been replanted and will be maintained with a colourful mix of flowering plants and shrubs thanks to the on-going commitment from the gardening section of this WI group.

This will be a lasting memorial to Queen Elizabeth II who died during its planning.

Funding for the trees and planters are the result of a Community Infrastructure bid by the BRA

If your WI would like to join in this green initiative by taking on a bed or some planters in our central areas do get in contact with me via the BRA website.

Tree Planting in Bookham this winter

With Surrey County Council’s mission to plant 1.2 million trees, we are happy to be getting some new trees in Bookham this winter. A line of red leaf flowering cherries should soon be planted along the Lower Road near the recreation ground, as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy campaign.

With the extreme heat and drought in 2022 a number of street trees have died recently. We are working with the council to get these removed and replaced too. We welcome this initiative from the council .


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