Admissions to the Howard of Effingham School - Good News!

David Cox - BRA Lead on Education

The BRA is pleased to advise our residents that after many years of campaigning against the current tie break of  "those living closest to the nearest alternative school (regardless of available places)" that from September 2024 the tie break for admissions to the Howard of Effingham will be based on those living closest to the school rather than the current model.

BRA would like to thank the team of residents who campaigned, since 2008, for fairer admissions criteria for the Bookhams' children. Their persistent  work, actively supported by BRA, led to the introduction of a catchment area and the removal of the sibling priority of those outside the catchment over those children living within it.

With the removal of the current tie break, it can now be said the task has been completed and the team's arguments put forward against it has at last been supported by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator and the Howard Admissions Authority.

You may read the full update from HoE on Admission Arrangements via the link below.


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