Watering guidelines for newly planted trees around the village

Frances Fancourt: Environment and BRA Tree Warden

In Bookham the BRA Tree Wardens were busy during the 2022-2023 tree planting season. These young trees now need watering and if a tree has been planted in your verge recently please can you spend a few minutes watering.

  • Each newly planted tree should be given 5-10 litres (1-2 watering cans) of water twice a week, or every other day during a dry spell/drought 

  • All trees should be kept weed/grass free 

  • If there has been at least one day of heavy rain, then the trees will not need additional watering on those days. However, if there have just been light showers then the trees will still need watering. 

Thank you for helping us care for our lovely new trees!


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