SWR Ticket Office Closures Consultation (Now closed)

Simon Edge - BRA Vice Chairman reports:

The BRA is very worried to hear that Bookham Railway Station's Ticket Office is one of those scheduled by South Western Railway (SWR) for closure.

The proposed closure would make life much harder for anyone who relies on the Ticket Office's services.  That could include you, or someone you care about - those who are vulnerable, have specific needs, are not comfortable or able to use electronic technology, or have a disability.

Without Railway Staff on the station the opportunities for anti-social behaviour issues to proliferate also need to be considered. And, at a time when greener forms of travel are needed to combat climate change, discouraging train journeys by this sort of closure is a ridiculous thing for SWR to be proposing. 

One of our local Councillors, Andrew Matthews, has already written to SWR to express his concerns, as has the BRA.  We trust other Councillors will do the same, and that the Council itself will put its weight behind trying to stop the proposed Ticket Office closure.  

Please write to SWR at:  swr.consultation@londontravelwatch.org.uk and let them know what you think. 

The consultation closes on 26th July, so not long to make your thoughts known. 


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