Free street trees on your verge!

BRA Environment and Tree Warden - Frances Fancourt reports:

It is now possible to apply for a street tree to be planted on your verge for FREE. As Surrey County Council (SCC) want to plant 1.2 million trees, they are now offering free street trees: you just have to apply and have a suitable verge.

The council will check to make sure that your verge is suitable and will ask in return that you to help water the tree. You may be able to choose the type of tree too, as long as it is suitable for the site and is available. All verges belong to Surrey County Council (SCC), so the request needs to be made to them. They will plant the trees over the winter months.

If you would like a tree planted in front of your property you should complete the online form which is available here:

Typically the cost of a tree is £150 plus stakes, ties, compost and manpower, taking it to around £200 per tree. So this is an excellent offer and will not last for ever. So NOW is the best time to apply.

The information they enquire includes your name, address, email, telephone number, description of exact location, etc.

Should you wish to have help in deciding on type of trees, location etc, the Bookham Tree Wardens will be happy to help you.


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