BRA Subscription

You can join or renew your annual membership subscription here. Please make your payment first and then you will be directed to complete your name and address details which we need to record your membership for the year.

Annual subscription: £3.00 per household.

The current annual subscription is £3.00 but due to increasing running costs the annual subscription will be increasing to £5.00 in 2020. If you can pay £5.00 for the 2019 subscription year it will help us with our expenses this year.

Why we do I need to pay an annual subscription to the BRA?

In 2017 Residents formally voted not to have a Parish Council for Bookham. Residents have been providing services for the village under the umbrella of the BRA on a voluntary basis. (The BRA does not have any paid employees) However, as always, there are costs involved. For example the BRA has costs in providing:

  • hanging baskets in the High Street and Church Road
  • supporting the work of the voluntary Tree Wardens
  • the popular Christmas Lights in the High Street
  • monthly litter pick
  • hosting Public Meetings
  • twice yearly newsletter
  • operational costs including Public Liability insurance (which has increased this year at the behest of Surrey County Council).

On a voluntary basis BRA experts provide their expertise on:

Planning to preserve the character of the village and submitting letters of representation as appropriate.

Highways consulting with Surrey Highways and MVDC on all Bookham’s highway matters from parking to repairs and improvements.

Infrastructure where the BRA is very active in lobbying statutory infrastructure suppliers for improvements and resolving issues affecting Bookham. Initiatives such as the Bookham Flood Forum are now starting to resolve flooding problems that have been identified in the village.

Youth and Education

The BRA has close links with the youth facilities in the village and lobbies for education facilities to be to a high standard not only for the current generation of young people but future generations as well.

An awful lot for the price of a cup of coffee or two so we may all enjoy our village! 

To get started select the amount you wish to pay below and click on the button below: "Pay BRA 2019 Subscription"

* While your payment is being processed, please wait until the name and address form appears.


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