Squareabout and Traffic Control During Drainage Works

Peter Seaward - BRA Chairman

The Squareabout, Church Road and Lower Road going East from the Squareabout will be having significant repair work over a 10 week period. 

The starting date should be now but there is a short delay.   This repair period will be disruptive for all of us until early December. Unfortunately this work is necessary to sort out the flooding problems from East Street to the Squareabout. The renewal of the drainage system is complex and difficult . Hence the long timescale.

The Squareabout and parts of Church Road,  plus Lower Road up to Eastwick Park Avenue will be closed except for resident access for about three days at the start of the repair period.  After that the section from East Street to the Squareabout will be under traffic light control and single file flow will be applied.

The 479 bus route will continue as normal to Bookham station,  up Church Road and then divert at Sole Farm Road, Sole Farm Avenue to rejoin Little Bookham Street. Plans are for temporary bus stops in Sole Farm Road.  From there it will travel via the Lower Road up the Lorne to the A246 and continue as far as the Ridgeway. The route rejoins the Lower Road  at the far end of The Ridgeway, then west along the Lower Road to Kennel Lane .  The normal route will continue from there.  The 479 are as directed by SCC stopping at Rayleigh House near the high Street on the Guildford Road and opposite to take advantage of the bus bays.

 This will all cause some frustration and test all our patience.  We need the drainage work to be done and so that in future avoid the extensive flooding that always occurs on this stretch after heavy rainfall.


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