Hanging Baskets in the High Street

Peter Seaward - BRA Chairman

Many may have noticed that the hanging baskets in the High Street could be in better condition. Of course, the weather has not helped but we (BRA) had problems with the watering. We think this is now resolved thanks to many of the Traders stepping up to use the watering system we provided.  

The baskets in Church Road with the planter look excellent thanks to Mrs Casselden who waters and cares for these as does the basket in Lower Shott which Mr Jefferys looks after.  

The baskets are provided by The Vineries and the condition of those in the High Street are no reflection on the care and trouble Ian and his team take in planting every year.  It is the lack of water that is the sole cause. Take another look at Church Road and see what a fine example they are of both The Vineries and Mrs Casselden’s work and skill.


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