BRA Newsletter - June 2023

Please note due to an unforeseen circumstance with our arrangements for this year's AGM we are having to reschedule to the 9th August. This means the date in the print version of this Newsletter of 19th July is incorrect, Our apologies.

The June 2023 Newsletter has just been published and the print edition is being circulated to all households in Great and Little Bookham.

Our great team of volunteers will be delivering the Newsletter and in some roads collecting annual subscriptions of £5.00. If you have already paid - thank you for your support. If in your road you only receive the newsletter and there isn't a subscription collection please pay by using one of the methods shown in the newsletter or pay on line here.

People ask why do we produce a print edition as well as the online version? It's a simple answer not everyone in our village is able to use the internet and with a print edition everyone is kept up to date.

To read and download the current edition click on image below or click so see our newsletter archive, 


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