MVDC Cabinet agree in principle to "Bump Park" funding for Lower Road Rec

Les Huett - BRA Communications

A presentation was given to Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) by the BRA team of Peter Seaward and Richard Moyse in May 2023 requesting funding for a new Bookham Bump Park for skateboards, scooters and BMX bikes at the Lower Road Rec. The funding for this was requested to be sourced from the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy*. This request was refused by MVDC. However, at a subsequent MVDC Cabinet meeting on 20th June the request was reconsidered and a funding ring fence of £100k has been agreed by the Council.

This is good news for Bookham as the Bump Park will replace the old skateboard facility in the far south west corner of the rec which is no longer fit for purpose. The initial idea is for the new Bookham Bump Park to be located near to the Lower Road and the existing playground.

It is early days and this is just the start of the project and much work will be required to get Bookham Bump Park built. It will require quotations, agreements with MVDC Parks and planning permission before the final go-ahead.

We just hope that MVDC are able to deliver and we don't get the stalling as has happened with the new Youth and Community Centre also on the Lower Road Rec. (see the BRA June 2023 Newsletter for more on this). Our young people and families need these facilities to keep fit, active and healthy. 

* The Neighbourhood Fund, formerly known as the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL), consists of money made up of a levy developers pay MVDC whenever new homes or retail space is built in in Mole Valley. Read more...


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