Bookham's Green Belt and the MVDC Local Plan

Extraordinary MVDC Councillors meeting 25th Jan at 7.00 pm. View online

On 5th January 2024 the Leader of MVDC, Cllr Stephen Cooksey, issued a statement about the future of the Local Plan (statement below for reference).

Since the statement was made, the BRA understands the Council is to hold an Extraordinary Council Meeting on 25th January at 7.00 pm to decide what the next steps should be for the MVDC Local Plan.   

The BRA has asked Local Councillors to listen to resident's views, and to be as open as possible with residents about what they will be asked to decide about the MVDC Local Plan.    

The BRA believes the decisions MVDC Councillors make will affect all Bookham residents, and particularly the fate of the Green Belt, which includes Preston Farm in Little Bookham.  

Contact your MVDC Councillors and let them know what matters to you, so they can best represent your views on 25 January. You can watch the meeting online and contact your councillors via the buttons below.

Cllr Stephen Cooksey's Statement:

"We received some very disappointing news just before the festive break, which has a direct impact on progressing our Local Plan towards adoption. The government published a new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) last month - which is what we had been waiting for ever since our Local Plan’s Examination was paused this time last year - but, to our dismay, a provision has been included that appears to mean we are not able to use this new NPPF. We now await to hear from the Local Plan Inspector in the New Year so we can understand how she recommends we progress."


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