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(DRAFT) Land north of Lower Road and west of Little Bookham Street (Preston Farm) Planning Application. Consultation Opens.

Application reference MO/2024/0096As expected following the decision by Mole Valley District Council to resume HM Government's examination of the Local Plan, Thakenham Homes have submitted an outline major planning application for the parcel of land north of Lower Road and west of Little Bookham Street, Little Bookham.  The application was made on 22nd January but wasn't published until 16th February by MVDC with 50 documents associated with the application.You may view the application...

February 27, 2024

Planning applications in Bookham: (rolling eight weeks)

Each week MVDC publish planning applications that have been registered across the district. Click on the button below to  see an extract of the applications made in Bookham. You may comment on planning applications on the Mole Valley District Council web site. The BRA seeks to preserve the character of the Bookhams by reviewing all planning applications in the village and submitting letters of representation as appropriate. Where relevant the BRA will object to or support commerci...

February 23, 2024

Latest news for Bookham Businesses

Following a very successful meeting between Simon Edge (BRA Chairman) and MVDC Economic Development Manager, Candida Goulden, a number of initiatives are announced today 21st February that will benefit businesses in Bookham.Firstly, the next Mole Valley For Business Networking Lunch will be at The Old Barn Hall in Bookham on 19 March with expert speaker Mark Peacock (author of ‘Pricing for Success’). More details via the button below....

February 21, 2024

Hedgerow planting at the Tithe Barn: Tree Warden news

BRA Tree Warden, Frances Fancourt reportsOn Sunday 4th February the 1st Fetcham Scouts and the 1st Fetcham Cubs joined the Bookham Tree Wardens to plant a hedgerow at the Tithe Barn in Little Bookham. A new native hedgerow was being planted to screen off a set of solar panels and to improve the biodiversity of the area. The mix of plants included hawthorn, beech, hazel and rose, all of which benefit wildlife and are suitable for the  horses in the fields alongside. The owners of the Tithe B...

February 19, 2024

Free street trees on your verge!

BRA Environment and Tree Warden - Frances Fancourt reports: It is now possible to apply for a street tree to be planted on your verge for FREE. As Surrey County Council (SCC) want to plant 1.2 million trees, they are now offering free street trees: you just have to apply and have a suitable verge.The council will check to make sure that your verge is suitable and will ask in return that you to help water the tree. You may be able to choose the type of tree too, as long as it is suitable for the ...

February 13, 2024

Village sign storm damage repaired

Following storm damage to the the village sign in January the BRA team, lead by Geoff Tranter, have leapt in to action with local contractors and the broken post supporting the village sign has been replaced and the sign is back in place.If only our request to MVDC to provide power to illuminate the sign could be implemented as quickly. (no action for three years now...)Les HuettBRA Communications...

February 13, 2024

MVDC Councillors vote to un-pause Local Plan Examination

On 25 January 2024 Mole Valley Council voted to un-pause its Local Plan and inform the HM Government Inspector to continue with the draft Local Plan examination which will include all Green Belt sites. This means a majority of Councillors voted to sacrifice the Green Belt sites in the Plan for development. An option to remove the Green Belt sites in the Plan was available, but they chose not to. You can watch a recording of the meeting online at:

January 26, 2024

Is this our last chance to save our Green Belt? MVDC Local Plan - Extraordinary Council Meeting 25th January, 7.00pm.

You may recall that in December 2022 MVDC requested examination of the Local Plan by the Inspector to be paused due to changes in the Government's National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). After nearly a year, in December 2023 the Government issued new legislation.In this legislation Government has stated that Local Plans that are in the final stages of examination should continue using the previous examination legislation and the new NPPF should only be used for new Local Plans. This puts...

January 20, 2024

Mole Valley For Business

Mole Valley District Council has a business portal and resources for Mole Valley companies and enterprises. The newsletter is published each month which you can read below or subscribe to. ...

January 18, 2024

Bookham's Green Belt and the MVDC Local Plan

Extraordinary MVDC Councillors meeting 25th Jan at 7.00 pm. View onlineOn 5th January 2024 the Leader of MVDC, Cllr Stephen Cooksey, issued a statement about the future of the Local Plan (statement below for reference).Since the statement was made, the BRA understands the Council is to hold an Extraordinary Council Meeting on 25th January at 7.00 pm to decide what the next steps should be for the MVDC Local Plan.   The BRA has asked Local Councillors to listen to resident's views,...

January 10, 2024

Michael Anderson

BRA President, Peter Seaward reports:It is with great sadness that we wish to inform residents that well known village community supporter Michael Anderson passed away just before Christmas 2023. Michael was a wonderful and very long serving friend of all of us here in Bookham. For many years he a was Liberal Councillor for Bookham, and during that time was also a Leader of Mole Valley District Council. He became a member of the BRA Committee and collaborated with us all for well over 20 years. ...

January 3, 2024

November 2023 Newsletter

The November 2023 Newsletter has just been published and the print edition is being circulated to all households in Great and Little Bookham.Our great team of volunteers will be delivering the Newsletter to every household in Bookham. If you have already paid your 2023 subscription - thank you for your support. If in your road you only receive the newsletter and there hasn't been a subscription collection please pay by using one of the methods shown in the newsletter or pay on line here.Peo...

November 26, 2023

Is Bookham a safe place to live? Inspector James Green of Surrey Police provides confirmation that it is.

Following on from some disturbing serious offences in the village recently, the BRA was approached by Surrey Police asking for assistance in communicating with the local community to allay concerns that residents may have. This is something the BRA is more than happy to facilitate and on 25th October a public meeting open to all residents was held at Bookham Baptist Church.BRA’s Geraldine Brassett reports:This proactive approach by Surrey police was positively received and residents were ...

November 16, 2023

Warm Welcome venues

Safe and friendly places for everyoneLast year, Surrey County Council, district, borough and Town and Parish councils worked together with Surrey's faith and community groups to open a network of Warm Hubs that supported residents who were most effected by the cost-of-living and energy crisis.With the cost-of-living crisis affecting more people than ever, this year we are proud to let you know that we have re-opened warm spaces across Surrey, now known as Warm Welcome venues.There are currently ...

November 16, 2023

Not sure who to report a street cleaning request or pothole to? BRA Launches a Quick Link Service Request Portal

Not sure who to report a street cleaning request or overhanging branches or a pothole to? Our Councils have multiple responsibilities and it is often a challenge to find out which Council and Council department is responsible for what. To help residents make a service request the Bookhams Residents’ Association (BRA) have set up a Quick Links reporting  and service request portal which take you directly to relevant council department and reporting forms in  one click.We all know how ...

October 30, 2023

Fetcham & Bookham Repair Cafe

St Mary’s Church Fetcham, and Bookham and Horsley Rotary Clubare working together to create and support a monthly FaB (Fetcham and Bookham) Repair Cafe. This will take place in St Mary's church hall, off The Ridgeway and their target launch date is Saturday 3rd February 2024.At the Repair Café you’ll find expert volunteers with repair skills in allkinds of fields that may include clothes, electrical appliances, bicycles, woodwork, IT, toys, etc.If you are interested in helping in some way: ...

October 11, 2023

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle around Bookham service updated

The search tool developed by the BRA on behalf of Plastic Free Bookham  allowing you to find what and where you can can recycle has been updated with the latest recycling guidelines including DIY waste that can now be taken to Community Re-cycling Centres. For example you can now recycle all brands of coffee cups at Coast Coffee.Click on the button below to find out what and where you can recycle!...

September 14, 2023

After 20 years Peter Seaward retires as BRA Chairman

I’ve known Peter since 2016.  I very quickly saw what an untiring force for good Peter is across the Bookhams; and how respected he and the BRA was, and still is, by MVDC and SCC officers and members, and other local groups alike.  His knowledge of the Bookhams and the North of Mole Valley, as well as his list of contacts is encyclopaedic.  He is also a skilled and determined ‘arranger’ – which explains why I’m standing here now!Peter’s retirement marks the end of an e...

August 12, 2023

Mole Valley District Council Urges Action in Response to Bank Closures

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) asked residents and businesses to share their views regarding bank closures in the district, via a survey. The survey received a total of 2,148 responses and the next step is to submit a community request to LINK for banking hubs in Mole Valley.  The responses to the survey were a mix of online and handwritten submissions from across the district, from residents, businesses and employees, and were overwhelmingly in support of banking hubs. Many resid...

August 11, 2023

Surrey Police - Mole Valley District Policing 22/23. BRA AGM Presentation

Slides from Inspector James Green at the BRA AGM on 9th August 2023...

August 9, 2023

Pat Morrish (1931 - 2023)

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Pat Morrish. Pat will be most remembered for his arrangements of the annual Remembrance Day ceremonies at St Nicolas Church and the following walk by the Bookham scout groups to the Friendship Tree in Eastwick Park Avenue for the laying of wreaths. In addition, Pat was a valued supporter of the BRA and was a Road Steward for many years. Our condolences go Pat’s family and friends....

August 3, 2023

There aren't many pubs like The Anchor in Bookham!

Following a donation by the Anchor Pub to the BRA, we found out more about the amazing fund raising that has been undertaken by this local pub which has a true community spirit.Tony Mann, an Anchor regular, organises the quiz nights, manages the funds raised, distributing to and  liaising with beneficiaries whilst  keeping the regulars informed of how the funds are being used. He told us more about this community success story.The Anchor pub in Bookham has raised money for local good c...

July 31, 2023

SWR Ticket Office Closures Consultation (Now closed)

The BRA is very worried to hear that Bookham Railway Station's Ticket Office is one of those scheduled by South Western Railway (SWR) for closure.The proposed closure would make life much harder for anyone who relies on the Ticket Office's services.  That could include you, or someone you care about - those who are vulnerable, have specific needs, are not comfortable or able to use electronic technology, or have a disability.Without Railway Staff on the station the opportunities for an...

July 31, 2023

408 Bus Service Timetable from 24th July 2023

Falcon Buses: Route 408 will no longer run between Leatherhead, Bookham and Effingham. All journeys will now run to Cobham, offering an improved hourly daytime frequency between Epsom and Cobham.New timetable with most journeys running at different times to now - please check before travelling. 408 | Falcon Bus (

July 24, 2023

MVDC Cabinet agree in principle to "Bump Park" funding for Lower Road Rec

Les Huett - BRA CommunicationsA presentation was given to Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) by the BRA team of Peter Seaward and Richard Moyse in May 2023 requesting funding for a new Bookham Bump Park for skateboards, scooters and BMX bikes at the Lower Road Rec. The funding for this was requested to be sourced from the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy*. This request was refused by MVDC. However, at a subsequent MVDC Cabinet meeting on 20th June the request was reconsidered and a f...

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